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Will Training be Provided For Online Teaching?

While some Tesol training companies do not offer practical training experience to their students, we here at iTTi South Africa certainly do! We believe human-to-human interaction is greatly beneficial and therefore have in-class or online options available. Even when registering for an online course, students have the opportunity to correspond via their classroom with a member of the team who will happily answer any and all questions. We are happy to meet with students via video-conferencing software to provide further assistance if need be.

Our programs range from four-week intensive training programs to 3-month and 6-month courses. During our 4-week course, clients meet with their trainer and run through course material. Classes are recorded and uploaded to the classroom for revision and homework purposes – also making them available to students who wish to complete their course in 4 weeks, but who may not be able to make it to class within the allocated time frame.

All clients who complete their course through iTTi SA remain on our job support classroom long after their course has been completed- being able to refer back to:

  • Job lists and boards
  • Valuable recruiting companies
  • Introduction-video, resume, application and interview guides

Upon completing one of our courses, Facebook users are invited to join our alumni group to receive daily notifications concerning hiring companies and more!

With regards to training with online companies after you have received a job offer, some companies pay their teachers-in-training whilst others do not. Teachers may have to undergo a 2-or-so week training and teaching period whereby their lessons are observed, and feedback is given- this is usually considered to be a probationary period before the teacher is considered as fully-hired. System training differs from company to company, but the majority of the present online schools offer either a training guide/handbook or face-to-face training with a mentor from the institute.

At iTTi South Africa [] we wish nothing more than to see our students flourish in their new career paths. Sign up today and let us help you!