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Why You Should Get TEFL Certified in 2021

In this exciting 21st century, as a human race, we have more opportunities at our fingertips than ever for employment creation with the use of technology and the Internet. One such opportunity is the thriving TEFL industry, largely thanks to the increasing need for non-native English speakers to learn English as a second or foreign language since English is ranked the 3rd most spoken language globally in all sectors from commerce to politics.

A world of TEFL jobs has since opened for adults ranging from recent high school graduates to degreed professionals to teach English in the classroom abroad or online. While some on social media purposely paint a picture of an overly-saturated industry with no opportunities, we’re here to settle your fears and tell you why there is room for you and why you should take that leap of faith and get TEFL certified in 2021!

A Global Pandemic

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s that our life as we know it could change instantly and dramatically. COVID’s effect on English language schools and centres has resulted in many forced closures worldwide. However, the pandemic hasn’t dampened students’ determination to learn English! Many online English teaching companies have had an increase in students requiring their services. Let’s face it – even the traditional classroom abroad has changed, resulting in social distancing, more classes, and subsequently a need for more teachers. That’s where you come in!

Employment and Income

As many people have sadly lost their employment during this challenging time, there are many jobs to be found online as a TEFL teacher, providing you with income even if you can’t leave your home. One of the many benefits of teaching TEFL online is being paid in a stronger foreign currency. Regardless of South Africa’s current economic status and local employment stats, the exchange rates are in our favour! However, note that these do fluctuate, so plan ahead, spend wisely, and save accordingly. To learn more about how you can earn as an online TEFL teacher, read this blog post.

Working From Home

In a time when governments are encouraging citizens to avoid large gatherings socially and in the workplace, working from home is ideal! As an online TEFL teacher in 2021, you will still have that essential human interaction with your students from around the world, who are experiencing the pandemic just like you. Not only will teaching English from home bring you peace of mind, safety, an honest income, and the pleasure of working in your comfy pants, it will also give you job satisfaction and fulfilment as you help others progress in their language learning goals. 

We have an entire t about teaching English online to answer all your questions and help you start working from home as a TEFL teacher.

Travel Abroad

Even though there are travel restrictions in place, there are still opportunities to start your new career as a TEFL teacher abroad! With the development of the vaccine, travel, tourism and immigration sectors will return to normal. As noted, many countries need TEFL teachers to be present in the physical classroom. Therefore, in time, a TEFL certification is your ticket to the world. Until then, teaching English online will give you essential experience that can be put on your CV, and you can save up the money to make your eventual move to teach abroad. Choose to look at the situation as a temporary detour to fuelling your dreams. 

How to Get Certified as a TEFL Teacher

At iTTi South Africa, we want to help you qualify and succeed as TEFL teachers while also implementing precautions. Our full-time and part-time courses are held online for the foreseeable future, giving you the freedom to learn from the comfort of your own home. Our face-to-face classes and practicals occur online via Zoom, with peppy, professional and experienced tutors who will guide you every step of your journey. 

Join us for our next internationally accredited 120-Hour TESOL course to get certified as both an EFL and ESL teacher. Or enrol in our Job Support Course where we help you with CV creation, preparing you for your job interviews and demos, and pointing you in the right direction in terms of which companies are currently hiring. 

There’s a world of opportunities for TEFL teachers in 2021, so invest in your future with us, starting today!