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Why Invest in an Internationally Accredited TEFL Course?

Chances are, if you’re scouring the Web for TEFL courses, you’ve found too many to choose from! And each website’s course differs in duration, content, and price, leaving you completely overwhelmed with more questions than when you initially pressed enter in the search engine! 

Have no fear! iTTi South Africa is here to spell out the right TEFL course to invest in! Trust us, buying that cheap TEFL course off of a discount website will lead you to a dead-end instead of landing you in a heap of opportunities.

When searching for and selecting an institute to do your TEFL course with, the primary factor that should sway your decision-making is that they are internationally recognised and accredited.

How Important is Accreditation?

Because TEFL courses, both on-site and online, are not universally standardised, they may vary greatly from one program to another. It is important to check for references from course graduates as well as external recognition of the organisation providing your course.

Doing your course with trusted TEFL educators will not only guarantee you a valid certification that can be used worldwide but should also mean that you are working through high-quality course work that will cover everything you need to know. From in-class teaching techniques to what systems to employ when you are working as an online English teacher. 

Importantly, to qualify for any TEFL job, the majority of online English teaching companies and schools abroad require their English teachers to have, at minimum, a TEFL certification. Thus, invest in a course that will qualify you with more options upon completion. 

Questions to Ask the TEFL Certificate Provider

No matter the institute’s fancy name or lofty promises, ask them the following before registering for a course:

  • Are you accredited? If so, by whom?
  • Is the accrediting agency recognised by a major university, government department, or government-approved body?
  • Can you provide a street mailing address in the US, UK, Australia or another English-speaking country for your company?
  • Can you give me an email list of referrals of graduates from this course?
  • Can you show me your trainers’ qualifications?
  • How long have you been running TEFL training courses?

Why iTTi South Africa’s TESOL Course is the Best Investment

  • iTTi South Africa’s certificate is internationally recognised and accredited by numerous independent, international bodies. Your certificate will come with a unique reference code that can be searched in a database to prove it’s international validity and legitimacy. When presenting an iTTi South Africa TESOL certification, you’re backed by the best in the industry. Click here to learn more about our accrediting bodies.  
  • We offer a level 5 TESOL certification 

(Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), which is a combination of TEFL and TESL. This means that at the end of the course, which is compatible with the college level, you will be certified to teach both TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) students from young learners to adults.

  • We provide practical experience teaching real English learners face-to-face as well as using online teaching software. 
  • Be trained by friendly, qualified, experienced trainers who prioritise your progress and success. 
  • Receive lifetime job support and assistance. During the course and after course completion, we’ll guide you in being fully prepared with a polished CV, intro video and demo ready to send to potential English teaching companies straight away. 

Ready to invest in your internationally recognised and accredited TESOL certification? Let’s get you signed up for our course and soon land your dream job teaching English like a pro either abroad or online. Contact us today!