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Who Should Become an Online English Teacher?

With so many career options in today’s fast-paced, tech-mad world, here is why you should join the realm of obtaining a TESOL certification and becoming an online English teacher for a fulfilling career. 

Why Choose to do a TESOL Course?

Taking our TESOL course is beneficial to anyone, of any age, in any career, as there is a way to adapt the course to fit what you want to do. Besides gaining employment by teaching English in a classroom abroad or online, even someone working in IT, for example, can benefit from TESOL to upgrade their role and pay. It may also open up opportunities in that career. If their company has internationals coming to work with them, said TESOL-certified person could train them in business English to help them adapt to the new English working office environment.

Why Become an Online English teacher?

  • Schedule flexibility. Giving you more time for personal quests or travel.
  • The ability to work from home or any other desired location.
  • Increased earning potential as typically you’ll be paid in a stronger foreign currency.
  • The opportunity to meet people.
  • Gain essential skills.

So Who Should Become an Online English Teacher?

Native English Speakers

Suppose you have an excellent command of the language, and obtain certification in one of the necessary accredited courses, such as our 120 hour TESOL certificate []. In that case, you have the immediate opportunity to be employed as an online English teacher.  

Non-native English Speakers

Non-native English speakers can successfully attain online TEFL/TESOL jobs! You’ll need to state that you’re a non-native, proficient English speaker on your resume and in interviews. Because you’ve learned the language yourself, you have personal insight into the best teaching methods to motivate learners, making you relatable. Be confident in your English language mastery! 

Note that whether you’re a native or non-native English speaker, you will need to have or practice a neutral accent to be marketable and teach English online successfully. 

Secondly, you should become an online English teacher if you fall into these target groups:

  • Gap year candidates and mature people looking to take a year-off
  • Backpackers seeking to fund their travels
  • Adults seeking a change in career
  • Teachers seeking adventure and experience overseas
  • Serious career teachers
  • High school graduates
  • University and college students
  • People who are unemployed
  • International business professionals and entrepreneurs
  • Educators presently teaching overseas or locally

No matter your current station, online English teachers should have an excellent command of the English language and possess certain personality traits.

Personality Traits Needed to Teach English Online

  • Patient: You will be teaching people of a variety of ages from all walks of life with different experiences, goals and expectations. On top of that is their desire to learn and improve their English language skills, and it’s a known fact that English is one of the most difficult languages to learn. Patience is, therefore, essential when teaching as you navigate the learning process with them. They may be tired, frustrated, or sometimes disinterested in the lesson content. Your role is to guide them patiently through this admirable endeavour of language learning. 
  • Kind: As a teacher, you will need to give clear guidance and direction by speaking gently, and be able to give feedback and correction in a kind manner. Your words of encouragement have a profound impact on their learning process. Shouting is ineffective. Think about the teachers who had a lasting, positive impression on you, and then adopt that same quality when teaching your students. Ultimately, be kind and loving, and reap the rewards!
  • Positive and enthusiastic attitude: If this is your chosen career path, be positive and passionate! Tackle each lesson and class with a contagious energy that will inspire your students. Any topic can be made fun and enjoyable with the right approach and attitude. If students feel like you are invested in them, you will create a happy, comfortable learning environment that fosters learning and love of the English language.
  • Adaptable: With each lesson, you will have to adapt to your students’ moods and ages by changing your techniques to reach their level and understanding. You may need to think creatively on-the-spot to adjust the lesson to the topic’s challenges or circumstances, time, lesson content, and student participation. 

Do you feel that you tick these boxes and are ready to join the booming online English teaching world? Let’s get you on the fast-track for teaching English online by signing up for one of our TESOL courses []!

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