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What is an LMS and How Does it Work?

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LMS stands for Learning Management System. Each online company has an LMS unique to their specific company. When teachers are hired, they will be trained in how to use the company-specific learning system in order to educate students on and through it.

These systems usually have built-in recording abilities, which means that when the clock begins, signaling the start of the lesson, the recording starts as well. The benefits of having a class recorded are endless, but some include; recording any learner or teacher issues, being able to use the recording for revision and homework purposes, and for learners who have accidentally missed class to be able to catch up.

Good online teaching systems should have the following components:

  1. Screen sharing ability: Screen sharing is fantastic when you need to share a video or image with the learner.
  2. Video screens: These screens display both the teacher and the learners who are present in class.
  3. Annotate tools: These tools generally include an eraser, a pen, colour options, a textbox and so on.
  4. Learner reward tab: This allows the teacher to reward the learner when they do something well.
  5. A stopwatch: Having an on-screen clock that counts down allows teachers to track how much time they still have in the lesson – allowing them to speed up or slow down accordingly.
  6. A help button: This button alerts a member of the tech team that there is an issue in the classroom and the teacher needs assistance in dealing with it.
  7. A message tool: The message tool will generally have preset messages ready to be sent to the learners when the need arises. Some preset messages include, but are not limited to the following: no food in class, please adjust your camera, remain focused, please exit and reenter the class, and please turn your volume up/down.

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