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What are the Technical Requirements of Teaching English Online?

The online teaching industry is currently booming, and with all the buzz we thought it would be the perfect time to unveil some of the factors that enable individuals to make a successful career out of teaching English online. What better place to start than with the tech needed? Let’s unpack some of the technology behind the modern-day English teacher!


One of the top essentials in this industry! Online teachers should seek to kit themselves out with a reliable laptop that has decent battery life. We recommend the following specifications when searching for an appropriate device: a minimum of 4GB of RAM, and a reasonably fast processor. It is best that you have a laptop with an i5 processor. This will be strong enough to stably support a company’s teaching system while ensuring smooth operations within the program itself. 


Although most laptops come with built-in webcams nowadays, some of them just do not deliver the high-quality video imaging that is expected in this industry. Seek out a webcam that delivers quality imaging and creates no lag in video delivery. We recommend the Logitech C615.


Headsets deliver quality audio and ensure that you can hear your students and they can clearly hear you. You may think to yourself “Why can’t I just go without a headset”? and whilst this is a very reasonable question, experts in the industry will quickly tell you how necessary they are. Headsets help with noise reduction and unwanted feedback. They are pretty much a job requirement when working for many modern-day companies. We recommend the Microsoft Lifechat range.


Most online companies expect their teachers to have stable WiFi. The best option for this is always a fixed wireline or fibre. South African teachers have recently had to come up with creative solutions when it comes to WiFi connection. This is unfortunately due to load shedding.

Ensure that you have a backup WiFi solution, such as a portable modem/ router that can be plugged into your laptop. Teachers who have more of a full-time position or need to teach in the early hours of the morning or into the night should consider investing in a UPS (uninterruptible power supply). A UPS is a device that allows you to power certain devices such as your laptop, and WiFi when there is a power outage. This comes in handy when you’re in the middle of class, and an unexpected power failure decides to occur. 

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