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iTTi South Africa Student Stories: Shannon Williams

Shannon Williams completed her 120-Hour On-Site TEFL/TESOL course just a few weeks ago and she has already secured an amazing job online teaching from home in SA. We are so proud and excited for Shannon’s future in the TEFL industry.

Below, we ask Shannon a few questions about her experience so far:

(Q): What did you enjoy most about the course?

(A): Being with my friends, and the teaching pracs, they were always a lot of fun.

(Q): Did you get certified to teach online, abroad or did you not have any set plans at the time of registration?

(A): I did not have any plans at the time, but then I decided to teach online as it was the most suitable for me at the time, and I love it!

(Q): Did you get a job online or abroad?

(A): Online

(Q): Tell us a bit about the company that hired you.

(A): My company provides my course work, I teach from 1 student up to 4 students, I love the company I am working for. It took some time to find the right company but it was all worth it.

(Q): Tell us about the interview? Was it what you had expected? How long was it? How many people did you meet with and did they make you feel comfortable?

(A): At first I was very nervous for my first interview as I’m sure we all would be. I prepared so hard for my first interview only to find out that the people are so nice and make you feel comfortable. They ask you questions that can come from your heart and mind without preparing as that’s how I felt because I am so passionate about teaching. Most of my interviews were just over half an hour as I had to do demo classes as well. I did about 8 interviews in total and went with my gut and chose the company that made me feel most comfortable.

(Q): Any tips for future students regarding the interview process?

(A): It’s normal to be nervous for your first interview, but try not to be. Being nervous only makes you forget things or it makes you not think clearly. The people that you speak to are super friendly, and will never ask you anything that would make you fail. Be yourself and they will be happy with you, and always answer from the heart, because that’s where the best answers come from!

(Q): Any other tips for future students?

(A): Just have fun and make the most of it. It will all be worth it in the end. A TEFL certificate is your pass to the world.

(Q): Do you think that it is worth it to get TEFL Certified?

(A): Definitely a huge YES! I do not regret anything. So many doors have opened up for me that I didn’t even think were possible.
Thank you for choosing iTTi SA!