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Questions You Should Ask During an Online English Teaching Job Interview

Even though an interview is a perfect time for a potential employer to get to know you, it is also a great opportunity to learn more about the company and your potential position. Be sure to prepare some questions ahead of time and then take the initiative to ask them during the interview. This shows the recruiter that you are committed and genuinely interested in the position you are interviewing for. Show them who you are and why you deserve the position! Let’s look at some of the questions you should ask during an online English Teaching job interview.

Below are a few of our top recommended questions to ask during your interview.

What platform does the company use for classes?

This lets you know whether or not you’ll be teaching on normal video conferencing software such as Skype and or Zoom or whether or not you’ll be asked to download the company’s specially formatted teaching system, commonly referred to as an LMS (learning management system).

What size will my class be?

The above question allows you to devise activities, games, warmers, props, rewards etc. accordingly.

How old are my learners?

Again, this will allow you to plan effective and interesting lessons. A suitable lesson for a young learner will most certainly not be ideal for a teenager or adult learner- knowing the age of your learners is therefore crucial for planning!

Are there lesson bonuses?

Some companies offer lesson bonuses, above and beyond a teacher’s base salary. This is always a great motivational factor and can increase a teacher’s salary dramatically! Lesson bonuses may include things such as a professionalism bonus or full-attendance bonuses.

What are the leave policies?

Asking about leave policies enables you to efficiently plan your schedule and not jeopardise your position at the company by scheduling leave with too much short notice, for instance.

What are the company rules?

Being in the know-how from the start will allow you to deal with small hiccups along the way calmly. You’ll know how to deal with issues and what the company’s stand on them are as well.

Will I have a fixed schedule with regular students?

Having a fixed schedule with regular students always brings teachers a sense of comfort as the same students return to you week after week. If the company says you will not have a fixed schedule, be sure to ask how long it takes to build up a full schedule, and whether there’s anything you can do to promote yourself on the company’s platform to grab the attention of students/ their parents, in the hopes of them booking you for a class.

What are the peak hours?

Asking about peak hours or hot slots allows you to plan your day around those hours and know to open as many slots as possible during peak time in the hopes of attracting students.

Will teaching materials be provided?

While some companies provide teaching materials, others do not. This means that teachers are responsible for their own lesson planning, material creation and slide development.

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