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50-Hour Specialization Certifications

50-Hour Specialization Certifications

The 50-Hour specialization courses are designed to build on the knowledge acquired during the 120-Hour course.

  • The 50-H specialization courses are available only through part-time study with trainer assistance.
  • There is no class attendance for these courses.
  • Requirements: You should hold a TEFL/TESOL certification to be able to take this course.
  • There are no practical elements to these courses.
  • You will have up to 2-months to complete the coursework.
  • Start immediately upon registration.
  • Trainer assistance via email, call, or online meeting (Zoom).

50-Hour Teaching Young Learners

You will receive your 50-Hour Teaching Young Learners Certification upon completion.

50-Hour Teaching Business English

You will receive your 50-Hour Teaching Business English Certification upon completion.