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Internationally Accredited TESOL Courses

To begin your honorary a an ESL teacher abroad or online, you will require an ESL certification.
Here at ITTI South Africa, we offer the following types of TESOL courses and Specializations:

We have put together a comprehensive overview of our courses – please download the pdf by clicking the link below. 

Registration Process

Decide on which course is best for you

You can do this by viewing the course information on this website or requesting our information pack via email at If you are not sure which course will be best for you, or you would like to consult a trainer, please email us and request a call back. We are available and happy to answer any questions any time!


Once you have decided on the course best suited to you, please email us and request the registration forms – info@ittisouthafrica.com – or access them here. The forms are completed online. You will need to submit a copy of your ID, a picture of yourself, and POP (proof of payment) for the deposit (you will find the banking details in the forms). Once we have received this, we will process your registration and send you a Welcome Email with instruction regarding your course.

If you would like more information regarding our payment plan options, please contact us.

Starting Your Course

In-Class: We will email you in the days leading up to the course and notify you of all important information for the first day of course Part-Time & Self-Study: Once you have completed the registration process, we will send you and email with the necessary details to get you started. We will also give you access to the course work via our online study platform. If you have any questions, please contact us.

General Information / FAQs

Learning Materials

What else is included in my course?


Course Extensions

Certificate/Digital Badge Information

On completion of your course, you will receive your digital items.

Showcase and share your certifications and accomplishments to your social profiles and to potential employers using digital badges on Credly’s Acclaim platform.

This is issued to you from iTTi New York (our mother company).

On the digital certificate, you will find your individual certificate validation number, which means that you can prove your certificate authenticity to your potential employers.

iTTi has over 50 locations worldwide. This means that when you hold our certification, you hold a certificate that many companies and schools abroad will be familiar with and recognize the quality standard thereof.

full time course calendar

Payment Plans and Options

120-Hour TESOL Course (Full-Time Online)

This course runs over a 4-week period. Half deposit is required before the start date and to book your space in the course. The remainder is to be paid within the last week of course.

120-Hour Part-Time Courses (Video-Led, Non-Video-Led and Self-Study)

These courses provide you with up to 3-months to complete the coursework.

You will need to pay a half deposit upon registration and to begin the course.

You will be able to pay off the remaining balance over your 3-month study period. Please note that if you complete the course within less than the 3-months and would like your certificate, then your balance will need to be paid for iTTi SA to release your certificate.

220-Hour TESOL Course

Depending on which 220-H course option you chose (full-time/part-time), you will have the same time frame that you have to complete your coursework to complete your payment in full.

Full-Time: 4 weeks online for the 120-H segment and 2 months per 50-H Specialisation courses = 5 months to complete the coursework and the payment.

Part-time: Up to 3 months to complete the 120-H segment and 2 months per 50-H Specialisation courses = Up to 7 months to complete the coursework and payment.

50-Hour Specialisation courses (TYL & TBE)

The 50-H Specialisation courses allow you up to 2 months to complete the coursework.

A half deposit is required upon registration and to begin the course. You may make the payment in 2 installments for these courses.