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iTTi South Africa Student Stories: Teaching Abroad Wasim’s Way

Joining the ranks of our successful alumni teachers abroad is Wasim Khan. Having completed his TESOL certification, he boarded a plane bound to Thailand to begin his teaching career. We are proud of Wasim for finding a way to combine his passion for learning and living while making a difference in young people’s lives. Here’s Wasim’s story: 

What motivated you to become a TESOL teacher?

In my case, being a TESOL teacher was never on my list, but I always wanted to travel abroad. I love traveling, I love learning something new, and gaining new experiences. So when I was introduced by a friend to teaching English abroad to foreign learners, I thought to myself that this is one way I could change lives for the better, teaching other people something and learning something from them, so it’s a win-win. I gave it a shot and I don’t see myself doing anything else, as being a TESOL teacher is really amazing! 

Tell us about completing your TESOL course with iTTi South Africa.

I have completed iTTi South Africa’s 120-hour level 5 TESOL certification where I had an amazing teacher: Amber Du Randt, a very friendly, gentle person, always smiling. She was a great teacher, who motivated us through our course, helped us understand how to teach abroad, the do’s and the don’ts, what to say, what not to say, based on her experiences, and it helped a lot. I enjoyed the practical we had!  Our entire class had so much fun doing it, and I could already see the potential in them as well. 

You chose to teach English in Thailand. Was it easy settling in there?

It was not easy being a foreigner entering a new country. It’s challenging with understanding the language and learning the rules and regulations. However, you learn as time goes along, and you meet people that will help you learn as well. While initially it is a scary new experience, it is also amazing as you see how differently people live and get a taste of the different food. Now, after 5 months of living abroad in Bangkok, Thailand, I’m glad to say that me and my wife Fatima Abrahams/Khan are well settled in. 

Where have you taught English in Thailand?

I have worked for 2 agencies since the time of my arrival in Thailand. One agency was with a secondary school, which was an amazing experience because at that time I got to experience what the students are like, their behaviour, their ability to learn, their hobbies, their interests, etc. It was amazing! I then moved to a different agency that deals mainly with kindergarten, and that was very challenging as small kids are always hyped, full of energy. But what I find amazing is that they know exactly when there’s time for games and time for learning, and they are always eager to learn. So both my experiences have been amazing so far. Till today, I get excited to get up in the morning and go to work as the environment is great.

What was the interview process like?

Every interview process is different: Some schools will only request an updated CV with a professional photo and academic records, and some schools will request all of the above with a demo lesson. But there’s no pressure on it.

Can you share your top tips for future students approaching the interview process?

– Arrive at least 30 minutes early before the interview is set.

– Dress to impress!

– Speak with a clear pronunciation, and a clear accent.

– Show them you are very interested: Ask questions about the company and about the students.

– Be prepared for a demo lesson on the spot – show them you want this.

– Always be polite, and carry a smile.

Any advice for future iTTi students?

You can decide whether you want to teach in the comfort of your own home, in your home country, or if you are looking to teach abroad, do the necessary research, think wisely about all the sacrifices, but just keep in mind at the end of it all, it’s worth it. Becoming a TESOL teacher in the classroom abroad has made all my dreams come true. We’re changing lives for the better, traveling, and gaining plenty of opportunities here abroad.

What are your future plans with TESOL? 

My future plans with TESOL include being able to help not only young students but also adults learn English. I’d like to open a language centre with my wife so that we can continue doing what we are doing, but globally.

Wasim and his wife Fatima prove that you can make a successful career out of TESOL abroad whether single or married, in any stage of life. If you too would like to open your world with teaching English overseas or online, invest in the best TEFL courses at iTTi South Africa! Contact us right away to achieve your internationally accredited TESOL certificate. Your adventure awaits!