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iTTi South Africa Student Stories: Teacher Yolly’s TEFL Teaching Yield

As Covid-19 ensures its chaos, iTTi South Africa alumni Yolly became TESOL qualified and quickly proved that a little hard work yields ESL opportunities aplenty. Here’s Yolly’s story:

Why I Chose to be TESOL a Teacher

Besides having a passion for teaching, I was retrenched in 2020 as the company I worked for closed due to Covid. I am also schizophrenic, which means I don’t leave the house very often, nor alone. So in order to do what I love, have an income, and not leave the house, online teaching was the best option.

I chose to do the 220 hour TESOL course, which includes the Teaching Young Learners and Teaching Business English courses, and I enjoyed absolutely everything.

How I Found Online English Teaching Jobs

I knew work wasn’t going to fall into my lap, so I advertised, advertised, advertised, applied, applied, applied until I received interviews with companies. 

My interviews, each lasting about 30 minutes, were super relaxed and comfortable. In some I was interviewed by one person, and in others there were two people. Within just 1 week from qualifying as a TESOL teacher, I had employment!

Currently, I work mostly as an independent tutor, but I also work as a contracted TEFL teacher with several online companies, namely, amongst others, LetTutor, One World in Vietnam, and Amazing Child in Egypt.  

In addition, I have private students in New Zealand,  and I offer extra lessons from home with local school children and teach three times a week at a local company. My schedule runs from 7AM, and my last class ends at 20:30, Mondays-Thursdays.

The Pros and Cons of the TESOL Teacher Life

The pros outweigh the cons of online teaching. I get to make my own hours, I can have my morning coffee while teaching, and I don’t work weekends. I also don’t do any bookings on a Friday, as I use that time to plan and prepare my lessons for the week to come. And as a bonus, my boyfriend is more than happy to massage my neck after sitting at my laptop for so long.

All my schools/companies are absolutely amazing. When I get stuck, they are always there to assist. 

Advice for Fellow or Potential TESOL Teachers

Generally, and especially on social media, people are being negative about the new laws in China, stating that there are not many TEFL jobs. However, they are forgetting that there are many other countries in which they can teach, or teach online for. 

It is your responsibility to find work! iTTi South Africa give you all the info and support for you to make a success of your TESOL certificate, so use it.

When it comes to teaching – Have fun!. Laugh at yourself when you make mistakes. We are all human. Don’t be scared to apply to that online company that says you need a degree. Chances are, if you let your experience shine, you’ll be given an opportunity. Just believe in yourself. 

We are so proud of Yolly for marketing herself and making TESOL her new career amidst a pandemic, and we are excited for her future in the TEFL industry! If you’re like Yolly and seek online or abroad English teaching opportunities, join the iTTi SA family for the best TEFL courses. Options include our 120-Hour TESOL Certification course or 220-Hour TESOL certification course. Contact us today for your ticket to the world.