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iTTi South Africa Student Stories: Karin

iTTi South Africa alumni Karin completed her 120-Hour TESOL certification course and immediately started teaching English online from home in South Africa. We are so proud and excited for Karin’s future in the TEFL industry. Here’s Karin’s story:

Living in the Rat Race

I started off studying something completely useless after my high school career. I wouldn’t deem it useless; it is a great career to be in, and it suits my personality. But in South Africa, it can be as good as useless because you won’t get a job when you study Textiles Design and Technology unless you are very lucky. 

After my studies I ended up working for a Financial Advisor as his Personal Assistant, and to be honest, the salary just didn’t cut it and I didn’t see myself struggling financially like that forever. I love working with people, but that was not my calling. Still confused, I went from a Personal Assistant to a Financial Advisor, trying to make a success of it. But the hard truth is that if you don’t know the right people or have the right connections, you would eventually fall out and look for work somewhere else. 

Realising my Teaching Potential

It was during my Financial Advisor training sessions, where we had to present in front of the class; when my trainer told me that he’s almost afraid I might steal his job because that’s how good I am at teaching and helping others. I soon realised that being a teacher is who I’m meant to be and is my true calling. 

How a TESOL Qualification Changed My Life

I did iTTi South Africa’s 120-Hour TESOL course with Amber as my instructor. Immediately after completing the course, I started teaching online. In my case, it is a calling and a passion, but the kids are amazing, and I fell in love with them, so much that I’m even trying to learn how to speak Chinese! It is not a difficult job, but in this career, you can be creative and have fun at the same time. It’s great because it is also flexible and suits me being a mom of a 5-month-old baby. Before being in my current career, having kids was totally last on my mind, but now, my salary and career feels secure enough. 

The company I work for helps you get and secure regular students. Students normally book your slots months in advance, but this was the same with the freelance company I worked for. They can book 2 months in advance so you can budget well. Keep in mind that it depends on the company. For me, this is a good start to becoming a teacher, but a very secured one. Today, I have been teaching online for a year and a half! Next year I want to start my studies at UNISA.

If you’re a passionate person and would like to make a successful career change like Karin English teaching online or overseas, join our 120-Hour TESOL Certification course or 220-Hour Master TESOL certification course. A world of TEFL job opportunities await!