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iTTi SA Student Stories: Lia’s Online English Lessons

Armed with her TESOL certification and training, iTTi South Africa  alumni teacher Lia took a leap to teach English online and landed on a profitable position pretty quickly. Here’s Lia’s story:

What Influenced Your Decision to Become a TESOL Teacher?

I wanted to have something more on my CV and learn how to teach English to students, so I completed the 120-hour Level 5 TESOL Certification through iTTi South Africa. What I loved most about the course was the constant support and how organized everything was. After my course, my goal was to teach English online. 

Tell us About Working as an Online English Teacher

It took me about 8 months to find employment after completing my TESOL course (however, I wasn’t really looking for a job). From the first time I contacted the company I work for now – an online English company called Talking based in Israel – ten days later I had my first trial lesson, and within three days of working for them, I had already received three permanent students. The company focuses on a communicative and talking approach to learning English. It is a very nice company to work for as they have flexible hours and great students, who range in age between 15 and 32 years old and at various proficiency levels.    

I love the flexibility of online English teaching! I work for about five hours a day, and I am able to close or open my hours to whenever suits me on a particular day.

Teach online also gives one the ability to teach from the comfort of home or wherever you would like to teach. I also love meeting new people and learning about so many cultures and traditions. It is such an amazing opportunity to get to know people and cultures I would never have got to know if it wasn’t for teaching online. 

How was the Interview Process? 

My interview was done over Skype with a very welcoming man. It lasted about 30 minutes and he told me all about the company and their goals. He explained the contract and allowed me to ask any questions. He was extremely pleased to hear that I had done my course through iTTi South Africa. 

Have you any Advice for Future Online English Teachers?

First, I most definitely recommend getting TESOL certified. It was so interesting to learn how to teach online. iTTi South Africa offers you lifelong Job Support and you feel like you are ready to take on any job. 

Next, don’t stress about the interview process! iTTi SA has prepared you well enough to handle any interview.     

When it comes to teaching online, this is a profitable career if you put in the work and the hours. 

What are your Goals in the TEFL Industry?

My future plans for TESOL is to carry on teaching online, making a good income. Then hopefully in the next few years, I’d like to move abroad and teach in the classroom, and I am so grateful that iTTi has given me the opportunity to do that.

We are proud of Lia for working hard and succeeding as an online TESOL teacher. If you’re like Lia and want a career with a flexible schedule, opportunities to meet new people, the option to work from home or while travelling, and make a difference in others’ lives, contact us today to start your 120-Hour TESOL course.