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How to Market Yourself as a TEFL Teacher

A quick social media search might be squashing your confidence as you see TEFL teachers flashing their toothy smiles for the next golden egg teaching job. But just because there are plenty of fish in the sea, as there are in any career field, don’t let it deter you from marketing yourself as the talented TEFL teacher you are! There’s a feeding frenzy of online ESL/EFL jobs, and nothing is stopping you from partaking in the feast!

Here’s 6 ways you can market yourself as an online TEFL teacher and stand out from the crowd.

1. Become TESOL Qualified

What’s better than a TEFL teacher? Why, a TESOL teacher, of course. TESOL stands for teaching English to speakers of other languages. Thus, having a TESOL certification qualifies and equips you with the necessary tools to teach ESL and EFL. By choosing to certify with iTTi South Africa, you’re gaining the best TEFL education from the biggest TEFL provider in the world. You’re guaranteed a Level 5 TESOL certification that is internationally recognized and accredited – an essential qualification all online English companies or schools abroad require. 

2. Refine your Resume

To give yourself the best possible chance of standing out from the crowd of applicants, make a TEFL tailored resume. To do this, include the following information:

  • Insert a professional headshot
  • Provide up-to-date contact details (Email, Phone, Skype ID, etc.)
  • State your teaching objectives 
  • List your professional and personal skills
  • Tailor your work experience to showcase your teaching/childcare experience
  • Include your educational background, including your TEFL certification information. 

3. VIvify your Introduction Video

Write a script for your short introduction video, highlighting the following:

  • Your strengths, 
  • Qualification
  • Teaching experience
  • English teaching style, 
  • Targeted learners – children, teens, adults
  • Desired platform (online or in the classroom abroad)

In just a minute, you’ll need to persuade the company or students why you’re the best TEFL teacher. So memorize the script, set up those lights, frame the camera perfectly, use TPR, and be enthusiastic as you speak. 

4. Note your Niche

Very successful TEFL teachers have found a niche market to tailor their lessons to. For example:

  • Teaching business English to specific industries online or abroad, 
  • Tutoring students preparing for the TOEFL test, or 
  • Teaching conversational English lessons to newly immigrated residents. 

This is also called teaching English for specific purposes. Spend some time researching desired countries and/or the market you’re wanting to target, and how your unique skills can be tailored to the English classroom.  There’s a market for every type of English language learner – find yours!

5. Social Media Marketing

If you’re a freelance TEFL teacher seeking to create a network of students or find a new target market, use the many available social media platforms to promote yourself. What better way to reach people than on the platforms they’re constantly viewing carrying around right in their pockets!. 

Best platforms to market yourself on:

  • LinkedIn
  • TikTok
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • WeChat
  • YouTube

What to post on these platforms? Create content that showcases your happy, well-groomed self dressed in professional attire, share examples of your lesson materials and props you use, and photos/videos of yourself teaching in the classroom abroad or online, but making sure to blur those young learners’ faces for privacy protection.

While you’re making the most of the Internet, consider going the extra mile by building yourself a free website on platforms such as Squarespace, Yola, or Wix.

6. Push out Packages

Everyone loves a deal! When determining your lesson prices, create lesson packages for students to invest in, rather than one-time lesson prices. Research for the best competitive prices, but don’t undercut your skills and value as a TEFL teacher. Then, post these deals to the above platforms. 

Take that first step to becoming a terrific TESOL teacher by contacting us today to obtain your TESOL certificate. In addition, if you need an extra hand in creating your perfect TEFL resume and introduction video, sign up for our Job Support Course and we’ll guide you in every step of marketing yourself and finding that perfect English teaching job.