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How Long Does It Take to Find an Online English Teaching Position?

Although this is a tricky question to answer because it depends on the applicant, it averages about 2-3 weeks after applications. Applying to online English companies can be a rather frustrating process at times, but let’s now look at how to enhance your chances of receiving an interview invitation.

Online applications can be tedious and time-consuming, but are part of this industry and will be worth all the effort when you land your first position! We invite all teachers to keep an accurate record of all applications sent out- clearly marking on their record sheet where the application took place. In keeping an accurate record, teachers can mark off when they hear back from companies and plan accordingly for any potential interviews.

Follow along as we unpack our top tips for applying and landing an online teaching position fast!

1. Create a stand-out resume and introduction video

Ensure that you have an industry-ready resume and introduction video as first impressions are make or break in this industry. Contact iTTi South Africa for more information on our job support course. We’ll help you get your resume and introduction video in tiptop shape while sharing valuable information on what to expect when applying to and interviewing with companies.

2. Ensure that all your documents are in order

Your resume; introduction video; TESOL/TEFL/TESL certificate; ID/Passport copies; demos; other qualifications such as degrees, diplomas and or specialisation certificates; as well as your record sheet should all be saved in one folder on your desktop. This allows for ease-of-access when applying to multiple companies.

3. Don’t solely apply for high-paying positions

Many first-time teachers enter into this industry without experience, and that’s perfectly fine, but they are reminded that they need to start somewhere. Apply to “low-paying” companies and use the opportunity as one to build experience and gain knowledge whilst applying to other, higher-ranking companies.

4. Personalise your applications if necessary

Remember that not all companies are alike and so attention to detail is necessary. If you are asked to include a cover letter in your application, spend time personalising it to the company and position you are applying for- really highlighting why you are a valuable candidate and deserve the job.

5. Seek out job boards, Facebook groups and recruiters

These tools are perfect for new-time applicants as well as teachers looking for a change of scenery! Job boards and Facebook groups share valuable information with regards to hiring companies, referral codes and more. Recruiters are amazing for helping individuals get started as they have built solid connections with companies, both online and abroad, and can share your resume and other application documents with them – helping to fast track your way through applications and land you a position in no time!

Get in touch and let us know where we can help! Be sure to visit our website for more blogs and tips!