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Do I Need a Degree to Teach English Online?

One of the greatest misconceptions is that a degree is required to attain the best or any online or abroad TEFL industry job.

Although a degree is beneficial, it is certainly not a steadfast requirement to teach English as a foreign or second language. Some companies may require applicants to hold a degree in any field, and some countries may require a degree if you’re planning on teaching abroad. However, many companies and schools do not. So all hope is certainly not lost without a degree! 

It is the ESL/EFL certification and the individual behind the qualification that counts! Most of the schools you will apply to value hard-working teachers passionate about what they do more than anything else.

Every potential or current ESL/EFL teacher should at least have:

  • A C2 English proficiency 
  • A matric certificate / high school diploma
  • An accredited TEFL or TESOL certification

For more info on these three prerequisite qualifications, check out this blog post – What qualifications do I need to become an online English teacher?

As the TEFL industry continually expands, more unique opportunities present themselves, and the teaching world spans far beyond just the four classroom walls we’re all used to. And, of course, with these expansions come more and more job opportunities that do not require a degree.

By joining iTTi South Africa, you’ll be gaining lifetime job support and assistance. What sets us apart from other TEFL or TESOL institutions is that we are invested in making sure you are industry-ready and employable by the end of your TESOL course – whether or not you hold a degree. We assist you with practical experience and crafting the perfect CV and demo video to start sending to potential online English employers straight away. 

After that, you will receive lifetime support from our recruitment team and join our alumni network where we share daily industry tips and an up-to-date job board with lists of companies and their specification requirements (such as education). So degree, or no degree, obtaining a position as an online English teacher is achievable!

What if I Do Have a Degree?

However, if you do have a degree, you naturally better your chances of finding a company placement. You are then eligible to apply to a broader spectrum of online companies. Some online English teaching companies have the minimum requirement of a bachelor’s degree in any field. 

Note that it is not enough just to have a degree when applying for online English teaching positions. An accredited TEFL or TESOL certification is essential. It equips you with a foundation in teaching methodologies, classroom management, grammar, evaluation and testing, equipment and teaching aids, lesson planning, and more!

I’m a Qualified School Teacher – Do I Need a TEFL Certification?

While your prior teaching education is most beneficial, TEFL specialises in teaching English as a foreign or second language, and usually, you’ll have taught students in your own native language. Having a TESOL or TEFL certificate endows you with necessary teaching methodologies for specific age groups. It prepares you for situations that may arise only in a foreign or second language classroom. 

Armed with the facts about having the necessary qualification, are you ready to jump into the hunt for the perfect job teaching English online? 

Let us help you land your dream English teaching position either online or abroad by signing up for one of our best TEFL courses or our Job Support Course.

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