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Can I Work for More Than One Online English Teaching Company?

Congratulations on qualifying as a TEFL teacher and being ready to start helping students learn and progress in their English language learning endeavour! Now, when applying for positions with online English companies, you may soon find yourself with an offer or multiple offers. The question is, can I work for more than one online English teaching company?

The answer, in a nutshell, is YES! But the following factors will determine or aid in your decision-making when choosing companies to work for as well as your desired online English teaching schedule.

Contracted Online English Teachers

Majority of the online English teaching companies that currently exist will ask their teachers to commit to a contract for six months or alternatively one year. Each company differs from the next. Some online companies ask that you make yourself available at the same times from week-to-week with no consistent students, while others may provide you with a fixed schedule with set students. Some could offer you daily teaching slots during peak hours, and others only on weekends. 

At this point, you’ll need to assess your goals, current financial obligations, values and options. Would working for only one company be detrimental to my career and lifestyle, or in discord with one of the companies? 

It is important to take the time to read a contract carefully before signing it. Through the attentive study of your employment contract, you shall discover what losses you’ll suffer should there be a breach in the agreement or even what potential bonuses you’ll be eligible to receive should you remain with the company for the stipulated contract period. 

Working for More Than One Online Company

If you choose to work for more than one online English teaching company, you could maximise your teaching opportunities and earning potential. Your schedule could look something like this: 

Teach for one company during peak afternoon times, for another company teaching two evening classes a couple of times a week, and even another company for early morning lessons on weekends. These companies could also pay different rates and in different foreign currencies! 

Another benefit of working for multiple online English teaching companies is job security. For instance, if the world spins into another global crisis, a company goes bankrupt, or one of your contracts is not renewed, you’ll still have a steady income flow thanks to the others. 

Do you prefer the prospect of teaching for more than one online English company? Then it is vital to stay organised, allocating your time properly to meet each online company’s obligations.

Freelance Online English Teacher

As a freelance online English teacher, you are completely in charge of your schedule, marketing, lesson plan material, etc. This positions you to work on multiple online freelance teaching platforms (who may also have set fees or requirements) and for as many or as few hours as you prefer. Being your own boss in this industry requires serious dedication and initially may require you to work seemingly inconvenient hours. However, as you grow in students and experience, you’re sure to find a work-life balance that feeds your dream.

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