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3 Ways to Show YOURSELF Love this February

We know the year has just begun, and the stress load may or may not be that overwhelming…yet, but here is your gentle reminder that self-care is essential for super TEFL teachers! Self-care fuels your motivation to produce quality output in the online or abroad classroom, potentially leading to more students, more earning incentives, and more opportunities! So here are three ways you can show YOURSELF love this February:

1. Make TIME For Yourself

As EFL and ESL teachers, your primary focus is your students, as it should be, but remember to give yourself permission to care for YOU too in order to offer your class the best learning experience. Self-care is not a luxury but a necessity to avoid teacher burnout!

Reward yourself EACH DAY with time for activities, food or people that nourish your mind, heart and body. These could range from taking your fur babies for a walk to a 5-minute meditation on a mindfulness app. 

Need a quick pick-me-up during those work hours? Make yourself a self-care emergency pack containing delicious, nutritious treats, a calming essential oil, a bag of zingy tea, sweet-smelling lotion you love and a refreshing hydrating mist.

2. Saying NO

  • Try to leave work at work! When you close your laptop, fling off those headphones, or exit the building at the end of your teaching hours, the workday is DONE. If you’ve tended to the work day’s priorities, then the remaining daylight, or twilight (depending on your teaching schedule), is yours. No thinking about how to help Bobby pronounce his vowels correctly, or fixing that poster that always falls down mid-lesson – that’s for tomorrow’s agenda.
  • Lean on your colleagues for support. Have a task needing attention, but you’re swamped with a thousand others? Ask for help from your fellow teachers to lighten the load. Remember to return to the favour, but only when you can. If you’re an online teacher, ask for support from your company, or as a freelance teacher, just say no to taking on any more students until you’re mentally able to.

3. Invest In Your Future with EDUCATION 

Wise American library and museum director John Cotton Dana once said: 

“Who dares to teach must never cease to learn.”

The best teachers embrace lifelong learning for self-development and to set an example for their students. And so, as an established or aspiring TEFL teacher, show YOURSELF love this February by investing in your future or honing your craft.

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This February, show yourself some love for a better you and to fulfil your dreams!